Chinsun Group was established in Shenzhen, after almost 20 years of development, the Group’s scope of businesses has been expanded to four areas: real estate development, urban renewal, property management and financial investments. Our vision is to transform the most challenging sites into exceptional places and to maximize our positive impact on society, the economy and the natural world.
Real Estate Development
Over the years, Chinsun has adopted a systematic approach to real estate development through accumulated experiences. The Group has successfully demonstrated its ingenuity and creativity in many projects. Chinsun focuses on Shenzhen and key cities such as Shanghai, Chengdu, Zhangzhou, Dongguan etc.
Urban Renewal
In 2011, Chinsun entered the area of urban renewal and proposed three development concepts: respecting nature, respecting local culture, respecting original residents with a far-sighted and sustainable development vision. Our passion is to build quality homes, strengthen local communities and make a positive difference to people’s lives.
Property Management
The property management company was established in 2005. Chinsun has always upheld the concept of “customer service”to satisfy people's various demands. The Group provides professional, efficient and effective services to people on a long-term basis by advanced management skills.
Financial Investment
Chinsun has been persistently creating an international investment platform to develop business by private equity investments. The Group invests in potential enterprises to stimulate the development.

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