Chinsun Group has been moving with the times for 20 years. Our position as a premium regional property developer continues to strengthen as we build on our experience in our on-going expansion. With faith and hard work, we are fortunate to be the part of this great new era.

Since building England Garden in 2003, we began professional development in real estate. In 2011, following the pace of continuous evolution and upgrading of China’s urbanization, we started the urban renewal business. Relying on a sense of mission and responsibility, we adhere to our product strategy and the protection of culture and nature to create projects. At the same time, the group also focuses on steady expansion in property management and financial investments.

In the future, Chinsun Group will uphold its core values and work with business partners to share wisdom and expand respective strengths. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all partners and customers who extended supports to the company.

Chairman's Statement